What are the Finishing Trades?

Magnificent flooring. Dazzling glass high-rises. Stunning bridge coatings that prevent corrosion. They’re the work of highly skilled craftspeople who are members of the Finishing Trades, part of the building trades that specialize in finishings. These are the wall coverings, paint and industrial coatings, glazing and glass work, drywall taping, signage, trade show display and floor coverings that finish a construction project. These are just a few of the trades within the IUPAT that add beauty, value and longevity to virtually every structure, from ship hulls and stadiums to historic buildings like the U.S. Capitol and Parliament Hill in Canada.

There’s a remarkable variety of finishing trades, all in great demand. Making each finishing trade a high-paying career choice with endless opportunities to advance.

In fact, the average union construction worker makes more than the average computer worker out of college and has better benefits than the average corporate employee. Best of all, our apprentices are paid while they learn, so they can immediately build their savings instead of sinking in college debt.

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