Great Pay & Benefits

Great Pay

The International Union of Painters and Allied Trades doesn’t just give you the advanced training you need for a successful career, you’ll start earning pay and benefits immediately – while you receive your on-the-job training. That’s why we call it Earn While You Learn. So instead of getting heavily in debt with school loans and no guarantee of a job, you can immediately start building the life you want for you and your family.

Great Benefits

Along with a great paycheck during your training, you’ll receive health insurance and something rarely offered these days — a pension. You’ll also have retirement saving opportunities like an annuity or 401K. Which means you’ll have the best benefit of all — financial security for the rest of your life.


Apprenticeships in the IUPAT are open to anyone living in North America who is 18 years or older with a high school degree (or equivalent). Entry requirements can be flexible because practical skills you already possess count, and employers value an eagerness to work and learn!

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All careers in the Finishing Trades start with an apprenticeship.
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