Industrial Painter

Industrial painters take protection to a higher level. 

Magnificent bridges. Gleaming ships. As an industrial painter, you’ll be the one who makes these structures shine. But you’ll do far more than that, because you’ll also keep them long lasting by protecting them from corrosion – which can add one hundred years to the lifespans of bridges alone.

Your apprenticeship will include every aspect of coating infrastructure like bridges and water towers, ship hulls, factories and other concrete and metal structures. And along with becoming an expert in state-of-the-art coating materials and their application, you’ll help protect the environment by mastering the proper way to remove and dispose of old coatings that often contain hazardous materials like lead.

Since this trade often involves working at extreme heights and in enclosed spaces, you’ll also receive specialized training in safety, including the set up and use of platforms, scaffolding and rigging.


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