iFTI 1105C EPA Lead RRP

FTI 1105C EPA Lead RRP – Initial EPA Accredited Class 012820 January 28 - January 29 16 hours This 2 day (16‐hour) course is a model class designed to enable the Instructor/s to train Lead Workers to perform his/her job with the knowledge and skills to work safely and productively while adhering to all state, federal and … Continue reading "iFTI 1105C EPA Lead RRP"

iFTI 1023 Introduction to Computer Applications

FTI 1023 Introduction to Computing Applications for Instructors 02102020 February 10 - February 12 24 Hours This 24-hour course will provide level 1 basics of Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel (7 hours per course.) Students will also receive an overview of the FTI LMS, the Member Mobile APP and an overview and tips and tricks … Continue reading "iFTI 1023 Introduction to Computer Applications"

Introduction to Teaching Techniques for Adults

FTI 1000 Introduction to Teaching Techniques for Adults 02242020 February 24 - February 28 40 Hours Introduction to instruction for instructors and coordinators of occupational training and apprenticeship. Included in this course are an introduction to computers, commission and interaction, planning, organizing and conducting training, and developing and using instructional aids. Prerequisite: None ENROLL NOW: Ask your DOT … Continue reading "Introduction to Teaching Techniques for Adults"

Overton Rigging-Lifts-Forklift-Hand Signaling

FTI 1111C OVERTON Rigging-Lifts-Forklift-Hand Signaling 03092020 March 9 - March 12 32 Hours This 40-hour course for company trainers wishing to provide in-house employee training. Rigging, Forklift, & Aerial/Scissor Lifts Trainer programs includes: how to bean effective trainer, classroom presentation, applying the written exam, evaluating competency, and the required paperwork and record keeping. Each course will address … Continue reading "Overton Rigging-Lifts-Forklift-Hand Signaling"


This class will teach you the fundamentals of the ICRA Process it will also go over the updates and guidelines for COVID


Project Management Training 2.0


This class will be virtual, held from 12:00PM - 3:00PM each day, Eastern Time. For more information and registration, visit our Project Management 2.0 page.